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17 April
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Welcome to my life. Melodrama and stupid shit that I do shall run amok here, so enjoy. Let's start off with some basic things you should know. Please, for God's sake, never call me Jared. Do not feed me anything with coconut in it, since I'm insanely allergic. Don't bother me when I'm writing because I may accidently tear your head off. Oh, and don't make cracks about my family. I went through that for the last eight or so years of my life. Please don't make me do it any more.

Some school stuff. I'm just starting my junior year here at Donnelly. Writing is my thing, in case you haven't noticed, though I do have a soft spot for theater, musical and otherwise.

Other than that, glad to be back, guys. And much pity for Dutchy, who got stuck rooming with me.

Full Name: Jared Sloane

Age: 16

Birthday: April 17th, 1988

Year: Junior

Family/background (including how well the character gets along with his family, and the cultural/ethnic background, if it impacts the character in any way): Skittery's mother, Abigail, used to be a prositute, then moved up a stripper, then finally left her crap life behind and now works as a waitress. Skittery's thirteen-year-old twin brother and sister, Nicholas and Alexandra (AKA Nick and Alex), were the by-product of one of Abigail's pre-waitressing nights out. Neither Skittery nor the twins know who their father is. Skittery absolutely adores his family. He has tremendous respect for his mother for trying to polish up her reputation and working her ass off to support three kids, and he loves her for giving up a lot of things that she wants in order to give her kids whatever she can. Nick can be a smart-ass and occasionally rubs Skittery the wrong way, but they generally get along. And Alex is basically one of the nicest kids who ever lived. So, unlike most teenagers, Skittery honestly does love his family and gets along very well with them.

Likes/dislikes: Likes - music, writing, anything sweet, cigarettes, thinking, having actual, intelligent conversations with his friends. Dislikes - fake people, above all else, too much noise, the Disney channel, celery, perfumes and colognes and whatnot, being alone

Favorite/least favorite class: Favorite - english; least favorite - math

Appearance/style (obviously, based on the character's appearance in the movie, with the addition of a modern style of dress, etc): Besides being the tall, dark, and handsome Skittery that we all know, modern times have changed his appearance a bit. His dark hair is now usually found either spiked or left messy and wild - rarely brushed. Brushes are for the weak! Usually found in either a band shirt (Dashboard, Saves the Day, and Something Corporate being the main three) or one of those Hot Topic shirts with goofy messages on them, i.e: the camaflauge (sp?) "Ha, Ha, You Can't See Me!" shirt, the "Quiet, Brain, Or I'll Poke You With Another Q-Tip!" shirt, and, of course, since this IS Skitts we're talking about, the neon pink "Real Men Wear Pink" shirt. Seems to constantly wear the same pair of ragged, faded blue jeans. Unless he's showering. Or asleep, since he sleeps naked. Yes, you heard me, Skittery sleeps NAKED. MWAHA. Ahem. Also, lives in a beaten pair of plaid Chucks.

Personality (as detailed as possible, please): Prone to horrible, horrible mood swings. Happy!Skittery is rather cheerful and can usually be found with a smile. He's quite sociable and will gladly go out of his way to have a chat with a friend. No one knows too much about Emo!Skittery, since that's when he does most of his writing. Emo!Skittery can be found huddled in a corner with a lamp, a notebook, and a Pilot Precise pen, scribbling away. Emo!Skittery rarely speaks. Angry!Skittery is the one you need to watch out for. Angry!Skittery tends to punch whatever aggravates him at the time, be it objects or people, and for someone as skinny as he is, his punches hurt. Angry!Skittery usually greets anyone that attempts to speak to him with an icy "fuck off, you douche." Or other such things. No matter what mood he's in, Skittery places a strong emphasis on the value of friendship, whether he'd admit it or not. He doesn't trust easily, so once you've got it, you're like family to him. He has horrible self-esteem; it's to the point where his friends want to slap him and force him to stop putting himself down all the time. Skittery has no confidence about anything whatsoever and won't acknowledge what an amazing writer he is. And, really, he's constantly paranoid about his family and what will happen to them. He takes anything he does romantically very, very seriously; he's not really prone to spontaneous make-out sessions or sex, but he'll try it out every now and then if the mood strikes him.